The breathtaking modernized serenade “Afreen Afreen” has predominantly drawn criticism from fans and love for Momina Mustehsan as well as for Abdullah Qureshi from youth.  Comparisons have been made between the three different versions of the song.

Revised version of Afreen Afreen, Coke Studio 9 spell-bounds you as Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s mesmerizing voice reaches you and the song attains it’s epitome once Momina’s voice echoes and syncs up with the strings. The chorus adds to the panache of it exceptionally.

Yet, the song has been compared with Qawali legend, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Although Abdullah Qureshi tweeted that he wanted no comparisons, he himself felt the song to be incomplete because the song missed the “most beautiful verse”. The song definitely has a charm to create an extremely romantic aura in present times. It was only a rendition. Classics have a taste that can’t ever be forgotten so better not to compare it.


The gossip about Abdullah’s solo singing of “Afreen Afreen” has gone viral after the song has been released. As the song was incomplete so Abdullah manipulated the situation well in his favor probably. Still, his solo unplugged version is definitely applaudable. So, another comparison between RFAK and Abdullah’s rendition of song is being drawn as well on twitter as well.

Abdullah Qureshi as a young male talent is received in various ways, rather more specifically as a new “crush” of girls as young talents are recognized along with extremely good looks by youth.

A girl tweeted as girl’s crush to be Abdullah Qureshi and boy’s crush to be Momina Mustehsan. Is it the right way to receive talent? Are we appraising artist more than the art? Why this senseless craziness by calling them as “bacha” and “bachi” etc.? They deserve respect from us as they represent Pakistan.


It’s hard to believe that without rehearsals she blew everyone’s mind. It is Momina’s voice that magically hooked the public to the song as it adds a little lyrical twist in the song.


She does deserve appreciation but not the kind our public gives to young female talent. Eyeing her for her beauty more than her voice and talent.

After Gulpanra, Another beautiful voice with a pretty face, Momina is here. Appreciations aside, people tweeted in very humorously sarcastic manner about her. Calling her “Bachi” , “Bhabi” etc. Isn’t that against our traditions? Is it really funny? Isn’t it a depreciating remark about our own culture of receiving new talent in such manner?




The song brought into the limelight two beautiful voices of Abdullah Qureshi and Momina Mustehsan. Song’s unplugged composition could have been better but things have got mismatched in it. As far as, receiving of youth is concerned, there’s only one thing to be said, “give respect, get respect”. Creating hype for beauty more than talent will not help us find better talents with not so pretty faces.