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Are you on Instagram?  Do you happen to read books too? Know what a ‘Bookstagram’ is? Then you are in for a treat. Bookstagram, or as I refer to it, as a noun, has gained a massive fan following on the picture-sharing app, with Bookstagrammers, who snap up breathtakingly beautiful and literary pictures of book(s).

The book(s) is/are accompanied by various props (funky pops, book-themed goodies etc) and upload on their profiles for us bibliophiles to click and marvel at the resolution of the photos and fall in love with books all over again. Where bookstagram has become a popular trend in the picture-sharing app, it has slowly gathered up steam in Pakistan. International bookstgrammers like @darkreaders, @myriadinklings, @readsleepfangirl, @hayaisreading, @littlebookworm, and @newleafwriter amongst others, have a massive online fan following, with over 30K followers each. BUT, if you love these bookstagrammars, book nerds, you’ll love to follow the following 6 Pakistani bookstagrammers who are slowly making waves on the bookstagram radar :



Boasting an impressive following of 20K Instagrammers, she is one of the most famous bookstagramers, Pakistan has to offer. Based in Multan, Urooj’s love for books and her unique spin on bookstagram: She manages to give an eastern touch to her posts due to her colourful hijabs that accompany most of her pictures. This is in itself something which makes her stand apart from other Pakistani bookstagrammers. This is what she had to say when I asked her about why she started her bookstagram and what drew her to it:

 “Bookstagram was an impulsive decision for me. I took a picture of some of the new books i bought, one day randomly and it triggered me to photograph more books and then one thing led to another. The experience has been great, when i began I was sort of in a less happy state of life and everything about bookstagram made me happy. It really helped me with my confidence and basically gave me a platform to channel out my energies constructively for which I’m forever grateful”.

 2. @readers.nook:


Effervescent. Cheerful. Vibrant. These three adjectives are probably why you need to follow @readers.nook for some colorful presentation of books. You will probably see Young-Adult (YA) books in most of her photos. When you go on her Instagram, you will become happy and for me, she is Santa Claus due to her usage of Christmas lights, which are dominant in almost all of her shots, and which would give the bookaholic in you, a joy to click the heart button and follow her up instantly.



Surprisingly, this bookstagrammer started following me, before she went nuclear in a span of weeks. By nuclear, I meant, her photos which I absolutely loved due to their luminosity, gained her instant fame amongst the bookstagram community. If you love @readers.nook’s feed, and books, @bbreadingdiaries is similar, and she is your next bookstagram crush.

Starting bookstagram was the best decision of my life. I got friends here who helped me a lot to develop. My first proper post was a unboxing picture of debut box of Owlpost (in which I featured my dog and learnt how to do it).They featured me thus I drastically started gaining an audience. I gave follow to every bookstagram account I came across. Afterwards, I started working on content. Due to a tough study schedule, I have to manage time to take pictures.
Still, I make up time for it when the light outside is good.



Perhaps the ONLY male on this list and one of my favorites with all due respect. His photos are distinct from others in the context of their nature. Most of his pictures are taken outdoors with trees, grass, and nature seen in the background. Where urooj.reads has a dominant colour-coded post, Salman’s is vibrant with his books showcasing bold, contrasting colors which make for a very pleasurable viewing. He was very excited when I asked him, about his love for the bookstagram community, and he has very nice words to say about them:


“As for my experience it is phenomenal, this community is found on love of books, and how cool is this idea that books we read, will read, books we have bought and planning to buy, even the books we desperately want but can’t for whatever reason we can now share them with those who UTTERLY understand that fact, and not only understand but they have gone through it and they are not just mile apart they are on the other side of the planet but our mutual love of books made us all friends.”





If you are into doctors who read books (other than their Greys Anatomy manuals), then you are in for a treat. What differentiates Asmara Qaisrani Ahmed’s account from the rest is her unique perspective which resonates through her photographs. Most of her photos see her, displaying her books over colorful pieces of cloth, which complement the covers of the book(s) displayed and gives a really interesting arc to how the color(s) which may be attributed to the themes present in the showcased book(s) maybe. While talking to her, I could sense that she is really passionate about books and be connecting with other bookaholics through bookstagram:


“I always feel ecstatic when one of my reviews helps someone discover a new genre for themselves or choose a book they wouldn’t normally have picked up. The same applies to me as I discovered some of my recent favorites like Dr. Sidharatha Mukherjee’s The Emperor of All Maladies, through bookstagram.All in all, I feel incredibly lucky and blessed to be a part of such a supportive community which has accepted me in spite of all my eccentricities and odd opinion on books. Not only have I regained some of my lost confidence, I’m also back to being the voracious book-addict I used to be. Fingers crossed my toddler inherits my love of reading and I finally become… mother of a (book) DRAGON”




Probably the most under-rated star in the Pakistani bookstagramming community, her photos, have a unique blend of pearls and beads, which can translate into, ‘the pearls of wisdom’, which are found in the books, and through which readers can learn about life, love, and everything that makes us humans. She has similar opinions as stated by the other bookstagrammers on this list, as she states:


“Bookstagram is probably not a place where you find fairies and angels but kind souls and welcoming hearts makes it no less than a fairytale. Everyone gets equal exposure and attention. I made friends from different origins, cultures, and places. I took part in different book exchanges. So far the experience is overwhelming.”





If you want to follow my bookstagram, which is NOTHING compared to the above mention juggernauts, @saniareads is your desired user.