Zainab Hussain

Zainab Hussain

at dinner parties I like to talk about how masculinity is a prison, gender isn't real, time doesn't exist, virginity is a construct & Jesus wasn't white
Zainab Hussain



“People say Hillary is a liar.” These days the American Elections are a very amusing topic to discuss, since it is nothing short of a joke. “Yes, she is. As an example, in 2004 she gave the statement that “ I believe marriage is not just a bond but a sacred bond between a man and a woman.” and now she is all for same-sex marriage! She even attended the Pride parades. Waving that rainbow flag around like ‘look at me, vote for me’, she is such a hypocrite!”

Until now I was under the impression that I was having a civilised discussion about the American Presidential candidates. But no, my ‘friend’ had to go ahead and say the following. “Oh, so she is going to support such a vile cause just for votes?”

Now, I understand the religious reasons behind his statement and mentality. I am aware of the lack of acceptance that exists in our society but I was a bit disappointed by this seemingly educated man’s opinion. “Yes, she will say anything just for the votes. The entire system is corrupt” I did my best and ignored his comment regarding the issue since it was neither the time nor the place to prove how everyone is human despite their sexuality.

“Mark my words, the entire western world will collapse because of all these movements.” he spat out the word ‘movements’ with as much hate and disgust as Draco Malfoy says ‘mud-blood’ in Harry Potter. Now if I had been smart I would have ended the conversation then and there and left him in his bubble of hatred. But no, the part of me that craves conflict just had to go ahead and say, “And what movements might those be?”

“Oh you know the feminist one and this…this gay one! All of these are going to ruin the world!”
The LGBTQ+ rights being vile were something I could forgive but the hate on feminism was not something I was going to let go so easily. “And what exactly is bad about the feminist one?”
“You know, the whole thing about nudity and all those shameless things they promote.”

From this I understood that this man’s entire knowledge about feminism was just the “Free the nipple” campaign. “Its not just that. Feminism is a lot more. It’s about the wage gap. It’s about the basic rights over our own bodies. Rights that we are denied. It’s a lot more than just that one thing.”

“All the rights women require have been given to them in Islam. If all these women are disobeying God then they deserve what happens to them. That doesn’t mean they can be allowed to display their body like that. All that nipple thing, believe me, Nipples will cause the apocalypse if these bloody feminists aren’t stopped.”

With just these words this man left behind his 17 years of education and spoke like the average Mullah. I was of course, furious. “So you’re saying rape and harassment and all that is justified?”
“Rape is a Western world problem here nothing of the sort happens, as long as women stay in their place.”

I realised that this was a fruitless debate since he was obviously not aware enough neither was he going to be welcoming to whatever counter answer I gave. The reality is that this was a man whose entire existence depends upon being superior. Being a man he knows his place in the household and how he feels he deserves the absolute best just because of what he has between his legs. I could have given him the old argument of ‘if you take your shirt off on the beach, its a beach. If I take my shirt off it’ll be a nude beach’ but I didn’t. I resisted the urge to try to educate him on this matter because I already knew he would have none of it.

This is the mentality of the average joe here. He will sit in front of me and tell me of all the ways he thinks I’m inferior just because of the genitals I have. The female body is only acceptable as long as it’s for his pleasure. The Orlando shooting was justified because hey! God hates fags. Right?

I refuse to blame his family and their educational background for this. You have the choice to educate yourself in these matters. You have the choice to be accepting, specially in a world where the definition of ‘human rights’ is going beyond the white alpha male.
But no, he will choose sit here in his little world of hate because he doesn’t need to talk about women rights or LGBTQ+ rights, since he is neither and life is spectacular!