Awais Samdani

Awais Samdani

Awais Samdani is a literary enthusiast.He is a fervid philocalist. His vision is to break conventions , which accost him daily about the certainty of his faith.
Awais Samdani

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An exceptionally creative graphic artist; Moin Nazim, whose love for graphics has made him the favorite graphic designer of Pakistan in a very short span of time. His art knows no bound when it comes to creativity.His page is quite popular page of comics in Pakistan

I am a huge admirer of him, so here is an interview which I took recently :

Self Projections :What do you remember about reading comics as a kid? What interested you in the comics medium?

Moin :There was this weekly magazine called Young times which had a dozen of comics in them like Archie, Hagar the horrible Henry and many others, what fascinated me the most was how three or fur panels of a comic strip would deliver an impact that would make you laugh and be amazed, although I had no plans of becoming an illustrator at that point but had this spark of “what if I do become as cool as these comic creators”. The spark ignited a fire when I got to learn about the powerful tools of photo shop and illustrator(15 years later LOL), that’s when I thought “Okay, we got something here.”. Since I’m an introvert making comics made it easier for me to deliver my ideas across the nation.

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Moin’s exceptional work from his page

 Self projections: Which writers and artists were you drawn to as a fan?

Moin :I wish I could remember all those names but I can’t, however social media pages like Kachee goliyan and Comics by arsalan did gave me hope that yes there are people who would like to see me work if I give them smiles in return.

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Self projections:Fan interaction used to be primarily through letters columns, but with the rise of conventions and the Internet, fans can voice their opinions more easily. (The message boards at fan sites can be brutal.) Fans can also follow and access their favorite artists and writers, and the conventions have developed a huge market for original artwork. How has this affected the industry, and in particular you?

Moin: Initially it was kind of a horrible experience to see people comment on your work with anything they want but gradually I realized it is them who can make you and break you so maybe If I pay close attention to what they actually want I would automatically convert all the negative vibes into positive energy, afterall the aim was to be a public figure, without the public you’re just a figure. So yeah their comments do matter brutal or supportive you have to deal with it to become a better artist and human being. Originality matters in every profession likewise being a graphics designer the things I put on the table will attract people only if they find something fresh in it.

Self projections:Has the increased popular awareness of the medium, at least in the form of comics you post through page, made any difference?

Moin :Definitely, I mean everyday is a new day, new people, new supporters and a new hunger to deliver something better. People expect you to be at your best and that’s the thing that has changed so many lifestyles. Living up to the expectation is a huge change in itself. Constantly evolving. And there is the financial aspect to it as well, people are willing to hire you for projects and most fo the time I have to ask them to find another guy for the job because of the schedule I have and it’s a blessing. You make friends with successful people around the globe, just recently I got to work with a well known Indian publisher. Pepsi is always there around the corner in case they need my services as an influencer, same is the case for foodpanda.

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Self projections:What was the truly elated moment of your life ?

Moin: Nothing in particular but I guess when you are earning good and you that satisfaction in your parents’ eyes that is a moment to be celebrated everyday.

Self projections: What other things you are doing besides the comics ?

Moin : Here’s the thing I’m actually more of a graphics designer than an illustrator, My job is to design stuff, illustrating comics is something that is the other half of my skill set, so i m making logos, social media marketing designs, campaigns and stuff like that as well.

Self Projections :Any Future plans ?

Moin : Nope no plans, I’m just gonna ride the wave and see where it takes me. It’s fun this way and besides if I keep working the way I’m working I’ll certainly be at a better spot than I was yesterday.

Self Projections :What message you want to give to your fans and youth,who wants to become a good comic artist as you ?

Moin : I would say follow your heart if you want get into designing because to be honest this field is all about heart more than it is about being smart. Money will follow up once you set your focus straight up. And for the supporters I’ve always be grateful to them they don’t have to follow me but they still do and for that I am always humbled and grateful.

Self projections :Some words for self-projections ?

Moin : Thank you self projections for projecting me and many others, keep up the good work and God bless you. Being a person who doesn’t talk much I know how much words are worth so I hope your words would be worthy of reading in the future as well.