We all celebrate Eid in a lavish and luxurious way by getting all adorned up for the day and then going out for a lunch or dinner party. There is gathering up of all the friends and doing all the fun. Rather, there is a novel trend as well i.e. to wear Eid dress, greet people (or send a text message) and have a sound “whole day” sleep.
A great Eid! Rather a memorable one! Isn’t it?
For a change, I went to share my Eid’s happiness with Villagers. Such cordiality and warmth that they had shown, I still can feel positive vibes that their smile sent me. They were great at hiding their worries of money and necessities behind a golden smile.
They have the culture of sitting there with the guest and chit-chatting the whole time not to allow them get bored.(instead of hooking up on phones)
A sense of humility was there yet greatness of their heart could be visualized through their acts of love and kindness.
The value, respect and love that they bestow to each of their guest is heart-warming. I felt like being a part of their family.
Sweeping of homes and preparation of halwa or sawyan served as a morning ritual. Male members of home got ready for Eid prayer and kids were all ready to get dressed and wear their pretty nice dresses.
This year IQBAL Saab couldn’t buy dresses for his family yet they rejoiced by wearing few old ones. Contrary to us, who buy 3-4 dresses for a single Eid.
Still the bliss that glittered in their eyes was unmatchable.
After Eid prayer, relatives, friends and family members began to visit each other and greeted whole-heartedly.

Cheerful hearts and lofty spirits because for them such “party moments” or “eventful days” comes after a whole year.

Every guest was served with simplistic tastes of tea and sawayan (some served halwa too). Sawayan being shared as a sign of sharing happiness. It is contrary to our sophisticated flavors that we enjoy the whole year and on Eid as well.

In the meanwhile, “bangle sellers” as well as “mehndi stampers” came and were being crowded by girls and women.

Kids were collecting Eidi of about 20 to 50 rs. while 100 rs. was a great delight for them. (Contrary to our 1000s of rupees)

Interesting part was how that money was being managed by different age group children. The younger ones were free of “worries for tomorrow” and were instantly spending it all by buying “toffees”, “ice-creams” etc. On the other hand, teenagers were saving it all up by giving it to their mothers for a better use.

The day went by in greetings,”Eidi”, celebration and daily-routine works afterwards. Yet, it left an irremovable impression upon my heart.

Let’s Celebrate This Eid In 5 Different Ways

At the end, there is a request that I extend to you. Celebrate this Eid in a different way.

1-Give Gifts:

Send gifts not only to your loved ones but to families of your servants, peons, driver etc. Send some beautiful dresses for them and bangles for them, you will feel sel-satisfaction and happiness in the task of giving and sharing.

2-Invite :

 Invite not only your relatives but some of those poor people and give them a chance to celebrate it in your grand way. Or else visit them this Eid and rejoice with them.

Rather this time spend it with your family and cousins instead of with friends.

3-Give Eidi:

Instead of visiting malls and restaurants, visit poor people and give Eidi to those children. I bet you that you will never forget those smile ever in your life.


Take those kids with you for an outing, just a public park. They will show you how to live in the moment and be grateful.

5-Arrange party:

If you are event-organizer or something, arrange free-food stalls or rides for them. It will be a bit messy as they aren’t used to our ways but it will be a great feeling.





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