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Writing and law have been my passions. Their fusion is what I live, now.Studying LLB & working as Paralegal Associate at Khosa Law Chamber.
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She died.. And I believe now many Pakistani men can sleep in peace as to them Qandeel was not a nightmare but a night partner. They all used to see her videos, to admire her and yet disgrace her for her videos, pictures and bold views. Even many women used to follow her page and they used to share her videos in the whatsapp groups and many liked her eyebrows too. In short everyone used to follow her despite she being the nastiest on the front roll.

But to me Qandeel was not the culprit it was always us who made her that way. We were the ones who paved way for her to be in the limelight then why we are blaming her now? ,Even when she’s gone.

We were the ones, our media was the one who gave her everything that too in plate like she used to give us back in her videos in that very same plate, easily accessible and yum!

We made her Qandeel Baloch else she would have been that little Fouzia Azeem who married just another poor villager with broken shattered dreams. I am unable to understand that why we are blaming her?

Why we did not boycott her in the very beginning? Why we shared, liked and commented on her videos and Facebook page? It was always us! We are the culprits as we showed the world how desperate and frustrated we were as a nation. It was in our hands to stop her in a peaceful manner but we chose violence, we chose murder, we chose honor killing and once again showed the world our intolerance.
It’s sad to know some people that how happy they are to see someone dead, just because they thought Qandeel as a threat to their religion.
My dear people, there is no GOD but Allah and Islam’s defense is in HIS hands and only then delegated to us! Do you really think that Islam can be in danger just because a girl and her antics? If yes then your emaan is as weak as a kaafir who owns many God yet fear. (With apologies to my non Muslim friends but not every non Muslim is a kaafir, that’s another debate).

You just can’t defend your culture & honor by murdering someone!

I never liked her for her antics but you never know the real story and honestly nobody has the right to takeaway someone’s life except Allah! Islam does not represent killings and Thank you for giving the Western Media another chance, another way to disgrace us and Islam!
Those who are justifying Qandeel’s murder are justifying the killings of all those women who were killed & burnt mercilessly in the name of honor.

There is no honor in killing and you are not going to Jannah by this way.I wonder all those who kill in the name of honor, why run away from the killing spot in the name of their own life.

Qandeel faced much criticism for her bold tactics she used to do on her Facebook Page

Okay let the young girls and women be killed in the name of honor. But what about those men who can kill in the name of honor but can not be killed for the same offense.

Our men will kill their own sisters in the name of honor and then will send a reply to their own girlfriends saying “I love you too” while the blood’s love has been killed for the love of so called honor. 


Why don’t we kill all these men who sees women as if they are doing their X ray, why don’t we kill all those men who rape their own daughters, why don’t we kill all those men who sees women as an object just to be laid with? Why don’t we kill men in the name of honor?
Why there is no deterrence when it comes to men of our society.

Trust me, if women of our country starts killing the men in the name of honor we would be seeing majority killed. 

Dear readers, you can judge me for my opinions but no matter what I just can not justify the killings in the name of honor.
 “How many women we have to sacrifice before we approve anti honor killing bill, no political stance & stability on it. Even our politicians are afraid to talk about it”
And if today we will support Qandeel’s death in the name of honor then this will definitely mean we are supporting Honor Killings! Let’s show the world how tolerant we can be as a nation and as Muslims. I sincerely pray that may Allah (SWT) bless Qandeel Baloch’s soul & forgive her sins. Ameen.
#QandeelMurdered #Stop #HonorKilling #CanNotJustify.