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A dentist-to-be, who is passionate about literature and arts. She identifies herself as a logophile and a feminist. Her expertise is poetry, short stories, and blogs.
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Parents have a hard time understanding their adolescent children. It has always been this way. It is certain that T-rex’s kids also slammed doors, yelling, “You’ll never understand me!” after a heated argument about video games. Not to forget the fact that the adolescents also had to deal with unbelievably small arms.

On the other hand human adolescents have to deal with more than that, though we completely understand the small-arms situation.


1-Keri maa dey naal laga hoya aayn?

If you haven’t heard this sentence in your entire life, friend, you do not have a life. If your mother finds you tap-tap-tapping on your phone at 3 AM, boy are you dead. The session begins with a lyrical scolding in Mother’s rising and falling voice. It then turns into a formal inquiry and investigation of your phone, followed by a stare so deep that it scars your bones.


What parents don’t understand is that we are sad and lonely, and late night online socializing with people who feel the same way, make us feel good. No matter how you put it, it always will sound sad.


2-Actor is pronounced as Doctor:

Parents aren’t the best career counselors. What I mean is your career is predestined before you were even born; before your parents were even married. In our society gender defines everything, including your career. If you’re a girl, you must be a doctor or you must be a bahu. If you’re a boy, you must be an engineer, or your father will drag you down to a mechanic shop for ibrat.


3-Constant comparison with cousins:

Your parents are seldom satisfied with you on every level. We get it that you try very hard to be the best child, but then you get a B or you forget to wash the dishes. A simple act of sloppiness breaks all hell loose. You may hide under the bed or in your closet but your mom’s thunder will pierce through any material object.


Suddenly, your phupo ki beti becomes an angel. Why? Because she can handle the whole house while being enrolled in a university; though you never understand how this is humanly possible. And your chachu ka beta becomes the savior of human kind because he has a part time job and he has killer grades.

The trick is to not panic. You are surely the unit of comparison in your phupo’s home- for obvious reasons. IYKWIM


4- The taboos:

Anything that makes parents uncomfortable is a taboo. For example, talking about menstruation, puberty, sex, love marriage, choosing your own career, etc. There are many girls who did not know what actually happened when they hit their menarche. Dear mothers, not telling your daughter about periods, will not delay them. Smh.


Parents also do not educate their children about sex and their sexuality. It is up to us to find out what the fuss is all about. But parents don’t like our methods too. That’s a little unfair. No wonder we’re cucumbers with anxiety


5-Emotional Blackmail

Parents know how to push our buttons because they are the one who installed them in the first place. Not only that, they also know how to use our love for them against us. That’s very evil of them. Unless you have mastered the art of defying their emotional torture, you are bound to marry the person your parents choose.


It’s not only marriage they use their super evil powers for but also for simple daily tasks. For example, going to the market. How many times have you told your mother that you won’t be going to the market to bring groceries, and how many times your mother have said, “meri chaadar laa mei khud chali jati hun”? The answer is enough times to make it a reflex movement that you go and bring groceries each time it is commanded.