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Rida Gill

A doctor in making.I love to pen down the bizarre happenings and customs of the society. A strong feminist who believes that each women should be aware of her worth.
Rida Gill


Starving  after 7pm to shed those extra pounds? Don’t need to do that anymore.
YUS(yes)! I’m serious.
Your timings doesn’t affect your weight lose but how much calories you take in and burn.
It was just 1 but here are 5 more such myths to bust.

1:Eliminating Carbs make you lose weight.

All the carbs are not the bad guys. Infact, they can be your best friend only if u choose wisely. Avoid taking refined carbs and incorporate whole grains such as bran bread,brown rice and oats. They’ll help you feel fuller for longer and curb your appetite.

2:Taking excess protein is the way to go.

We all consider proteins as magical food that can make those love handles vanish instantly and built lean mass.In Fact, proteins cannot do the job alone it needs carbs,fat, other nutrients and most importantly exercise to complete the task. That’s not all excessive protein intake can lead to increased risk of developing kidney stones.
 Protein ain’t an elixir.

3: Low fat food is good for you.

Removing fat from the food makes it taste like crap, So to bring back the taste they are loaded with extra sugar and artificial flavoring that leads to weight gain instead of weight lose.
Don’t let those labels fool ya!

4: Nuts are junk Food

Nuts are really healthy as they contain unsaturated essential Fatty Acids that our body cannot synthesize on its own.They are also packed with huge amounts of Vit E,Vit B12, and antioxidants.
Go, Grab a handful of them right now,  And let your skin thank-you later.

5: The best source of calcium is milk

Don’t undervalue yogurt here.
And also,God is being kind enough to vegans too.
Leafy green vegetables like broccoli,kale, sesame seeds,beans and almonds contain equal goodness of  calcium.
That’s all! Happy eating! 🙂