One wonders how a woman judge or politician would fare in a world in which her husband reserves the right to beat her for speaking loud enough to be heard by strangers.

But Pakistanis aren’t taking the proposed bill lying down, and photographer Fahhad Rajper started a campaign to protest against the change by capturing images of women reacting to the bill.It recieved such a great response.This is a continuation of the original series and a collaboration of Rabya and Fahhad Rajper , she is 21 year old, Karachi based photographer and photo blogger !!

Check Response :


#TryBeatingHerLightly – If beating women becomes the law, I’d gladly be the outlaw.
Social media activist and Twitter celebrity, Sabir Shah.


#TryBeatingHerLightly – She’ll run a car over you with 7 years of driving experience, burn you like hell fire, become the destruction you’ll never forsee and beat you lightly, that too in public.TRY BEATING HER LIGHTLY, SHE’LL BECOME YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE.

Photographer, Fahhad Rajper.


#TryBeatingHerLightly – I don’t think women need to be empowered. Empowerment means that I am giving an authority to someone; however, I believe that each and every woman has the right to take the responsibility by herself. If women can give a birth to a man, I can’t find anyone else as powerful and tolerant as her.

Hussain Dewani.


#TryBeatingHerLightly – #Trybeatingherlightly and she would have an army to support her.


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#TryBeatingHerLightly – • I believe it’s absolutely inhuman to propose ‘beating’ of any sort in any case, and then it’s for women who are the very reason of our existence. I’d cut off the hand that touches my mother, sister, wife or daughter. A bill by egoistic men to degrade women to another degree, we can’t be that foolish now, can we?
COO, Adil Siddiq Awan.


#TryBeatingHerLightly – If you have to beat a woman to feel like a man, then you’re not a man. Our religion teaches humanity not insanity.
Blogger and Photographer, Osman M. Khan


#TryBeatingHerLightly – It sickens me how religion is being used to justify violence. Propagating, instigating, and condoning violence is not justifiable in any way, no matter how minimalistic, no matter the circumstance, no ifs or buts. Period.
Hamail Rizvi


#TryBeatingHerLightly – If you hit her, remember that she’s the one who’s like a backbone to your life. She falls you fall.
Vice President Finance and Legal, AIESEC in Islamabad, Hamza Arshad


#TryBeatingHerLightly – I’ll stare you down to the point where you start re-examining your existence. I’ll make you wish you weren’t taught that it was ok.
She’s the hurricane. I am the eye of it.
Musician and Digital Marketeer, Bilal Ahmad

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