Rida Gill

Rida Gill

A doctor in making.I love to pen down the bizarre happenings and customs of the society. A strong feminist who believes that each women should be aware of her worth.
Rida Gill


“Oh my Lord,when obaid would be Back?” Her stomach called out. Hungry Salma was waiting for her husband to be back home. Not because she had prepared some special meal for him but because eating before husband was contempt.
Right then her wound ached, as she thought of eating a few morsels , as if it wanted to remind her what happened last time she tried to confront her husband’s will. How she had them, when she tried talking to her husband about his narcissistic traits. And they were the answer to why is he so reluctant to her. She felt intense chills through her spine and willingly let her fears win the battle.
Thou He was being very nice to her otherwise, like when they were at a family gathering… a year ago,probably.
She held the mobile phone to make a call but then hung up cause he’d probably take it as if she is trying to boss him and that would hurt his fragile,very fragile ego.
Obaid’s misconceptions always called for disasters.
And also, It was one of the rules of the list. Not to interrupt him when he was with his friends. While the top most was not to pop his thought bubble of unrealistic world, that he fancy.
She was ready to endure the pain as she has accepted that,
Husbands were always right in all regards by the virtue of authority and wives were always wrong by the virtue of the submission.
And silence was the best answer to the anguish resulting from the disparity of the temperaments.
She had no option, but to sit back and Waite for the majesty to arrive, like always, she remembered, as she gathered her wandering thoughts.




  1. Don’t know in which century you are living. I am a Pakistani wife and a good one too, my husband treats me like a queen. And it is just not me my sisters, sister in laws,cousins and friends(all pakistani wives) are happy in their marrieage and their husbands are not at all like what you described. Such husbands do exist but only in uneducated or lower middle class.
    I know people like you, just for getting a bit of fame you say bad things about your country. Shame on you