Yagsha Dawar

Yagsha Dawar

Yaghsha is an 19 year old inspirational writer, who seeks enlightenment from her surroundings and pour it in form of words. Self projection- is the first platform she has chosen to turn her writing passion into profession."
Yagsha Dawar

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What if everything about me, revolved around a sacred connection to one’s self with a certain connective-ness.

Sometimes, such perplexities mold our mind in a unique manner. Untangling the nodes and simplifying what a sober mind cannot justify.
What if there are people like me? What if I’m not alone?
Maybe, I am born to a group of alike beings. Who are divergent to what is usual.
Who feel with the sensory nerve touch.
Who sniffs in with every essence of a molecule to smell the innate layer of the sense.
Who see with high definition to bring out its insight.
What if, we’ve passed through our self-projections.
What if our attributes no longer need approvals or appraisers from our surroundings. So the question here stands, are you like me? Have you freed yourself from the barriers of so-called ‘social acceptance.’ Have you tried to escape your limits, have you ever questioned yourself that maybe not even the sky is the limit. Have you?