1) I’ll start with my favorite. Saba Khan. If you’ve known me for a while now, you’ll know how much I’m in love with this woman, her wit, her bharamz, and most of all her struggle to find justice.

2-this one’s an absolute cutie who seems like she had a couple of shots before going to the store that day. “Photo nai utaariyo!” she yells at the start of the video, letting the stupid reporters know she’ll take no shit from them.

3-Well of course this has to be number two, one day I’ll make it a brand. Yes I’m talking about my trademark, yeh bik gayi hai gormint.

“Yeh saarey mil kar humko bana rahay hain.”Although I don’t know the badass aunty in this video, she makes some very strong points. And her courage is unparalleled. One woman, against the whole gormint.Aunty has zero chill. She let’s it all out as she argues “yeh saarey mil kar humko bana rahay hain”. The rest of the video is a beautiful string of swear words that are executed by this wonderful woman. She’s not afraid to take a stand. Let Eminem know.


4-And also check this what  Dabang Lady has  to say , it will make you laugh very hard