Ayenoor Kay

Ayenoor Kay

Ayenoor kaya is studying English literature at university of Karachi. She takes interest in political and social problems of Pakistan. She is proud feminist who believes in the equal rights.
Ayenoor Kay


Congratulations Sadiq Khan,

Congratulations London!

For those who missed the latest mayoral election in London, let me break this whole episode for you.

The 2016 London mayoral election was held on 5th of may 2016. The election was won by the Labor candidate Sadiq Khan.Mr. Khan, a former Labor Cabinet Minister, became Britain’s most powerful politician when he defeated Zac Gold Smith. He gained the total of 1,310,143 votes which constitutes 56.8% of total votes. His victory met a mix of criticism and response across world. However no one can beat us Pakistanis when it comes to taking pride in our roots and identification-Religious or otherwise.
Sadiq Khan who comes from a working background, been a human rights lawyer and supported and voted for the rights of gay marriage belongs to London not Pakistan, London elected a Londoner–Not Pakistani or Muslim. Ironically, he won in London where the majority is not Muslim- which speaks volume here that faith or religious affiliation of person has nothing to do with politics in democratic state. People, who are confusing his victory with the victory of Islam, should understand that he got elected where only 12.4 % of Muslim population lives, where only democratic values exist. The educated, smart and tolerant preferred the labor candidate based on his political policies.

The democratic system encourages people to vote and elect the person who speaks their mind, the system which helped Mr. Khan to get elected respectfully is so fragile and weak that a person like Mr. Khan would never have a chance or would still be a bus driver had he been in our country.

So, stop taking pride in his win. This is the win for the United Kingdom. This is not a win for Pakistan or Islam. If he was here, he would have been killed for supporting gay rights. The day we have Christian or Hindu politicians’ win- we can celebrate.

I hope, Pakistan too elects progressive, secularist who ties himself to the secularism and equal opportunity like Mr. Khan who stood up for the marginalized community, supported same sex marriages and showed decency and tolerance in the face of smear and hate.

If anything this election teaches us is, people in globalized world, where people from different backgrounds live with each other, Mr. Khan and other immigrants of all faith, culture and ethnicity have chance. I hope the world gets more tolerant and Pakistanis grows the ability to look beyond the person’s religious identity-as calling him Muslim Mayor is disappointment. No one called Boris (former Mayor), a Christian Mayor of London.




  1. it’s not a victory for Islam, I don’t know about the elections in Pakistan but they don’t elect by religion.the man was a US citizen who lived in the US learned in the US and made a name for himself in the US… Saying his achievements should be tacked to some other country that he left is ludicrous…He hasn’t done anything yet either.It’s like when Obama was elected and they handed him the Nobel peace prize. I don’t see why this guy is such a big deal lol I’m confused by the hype

  2. I think this event could be an eye opener for those extremist muslim,who see everything muslim not human.

  3. A good article, nicely written. May seem a bit harsh to some but its truth and deal with it people. Keep up the good work!

  4. Very logically and beautifully written, untill we have people in our land we dare call a spade a spade there is hope. Bravo!!