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Sania Sidiki

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Sania Sidiki


So, I am going to write what a lot of these online viewers who are objective have written BUT there is a twist to it. Recently Sadiq Khan has won the London Mayoral elections (which means he may not be invited to America if Donald Trump wins the presidential race sadly) besting Zac Goldsmith (brother of Jemimah Goldsmith, but seriously that is not the point). In an election marred with Zac accusing Khan for being in bed with terrorists is nothing short of what our own Pakistani politicians do.

Our own Pakistani ‘noble’ politicians point accusatory fingers against each other. They are ‘fortunately’ Muslims no less. They are either fighting over being Shia, Sunni, Barelvi, Deobandi falana dhamaka. Or being Muhajirs (TBH Urdu Speaking is more the term dumb people), Punjabis, Sindhis, Balochis, Pashtun, Siraiki. Or being stupid with their ‘khaandaani‘ names and thinking one caste is superior than another. And that by being Muslims. FFS!

So Zac, who is a Christian pointing towards British born Khan (who is the son of Pakistani immigrants), is understandable since they are both from different religions.

HOWEVER, this does not mean that we have the right to accuse others of their beliefs, orientation or skin colour, etc. We should know that in this era of rapid globalisation, an atheist could have similar opinions on the way a country should be run like a devout Muslim. A Muslim, could have liberal views on LGBT rights (based on Human Rights mind you), and it may coincide with a Hindu who also believes that LGBT rights are human rights too.

What shames me to the core, nevertheless, is that so many Pakistanis are celebrating the victory as if it is a Pakistani victory. Now let me get this straight before I land in hot waters (nothing new here, my father raised me to have opinions rather than be dumb so your argument is invalid). I was also celebrating the victory, because I felt that London has come a long way of accepting a Muslim to be her mayor. I NEVER said it was a victory for Pakistan. It is a victory for the people of London, UK specifically. But it is a victory for his parents who hold jobs NO Pakistani politician would even want to be linked with. His father was a bus driver and they lived in a council flat in Tooting and his mother was a seamstress, but that is besides the point. I am not here to target his parent’s professions, it is merely to state and solidify my argument, which is that; our own politicians would think twice before even falling to the common man’s world and doing something humanitarian for a change. 

Why I say this is that since our country is rightfully a Feudal state so it is effectually a monarchy here NOT democracy. And almost ALL politicians have elite backgrounds so if bespectacled child was to contest an election, with the same parentage as Sadiq Khan, I am afraid, he would only get one vote or none. But what has happened in London, is a fairy tale for all children in the underprivileged communities of Pakistan.

Now, all of you will say, easy for you, you are just writing a status on Facebook, and most of these children you speak of have no access to Facebook, well, if you think that, then you should NOT be reading this from YOUR Facebook either and should die of shame for being ‘kewl’.

Furthermore, Sadiq Khan would have lost if he was in Pakistan, as our politics is based around political coercion and making sure ONLY the selected few have rights over the Iron Throne of Pakistan, and all of us are useless scumbags. He would have lost and booed by the opposition (loved by democratic janta but really who are we to dare change the political ideology of our nation, when we are either killed or prosecuted for treason against the state?) and his life threatened and he would do a Malala Yousafzai and fly from Pakistan to whatever country which thinks that his contribution could be invaluable to them. A pitiful state right?

When there is an Ahmadi, a Hindu, a Christian, a Parsi, a Sikh as a mayor of Karachi, (do we really need a mayor when nothing fruitful happens for the development of a metropolitan city, the infrastructure I mean?) then celebrate. Even atheists may have voted for Sadiq but what would have happened if someone of us had dared to vote for any minority. We would have suffered embarrassment and shamed by our relatives and our colleagues and friends who think they are all high and mighty, would have unfriended us and become aloof. And we will be left with the question of why? If I voted for someone who could have made Karachi a better place, why am I in the wrong?

Now all of you ‘Mullah’ hazraat, who will bash me for this post for being too liberal and Un-Islamic, remember what Prophet Muhammad (SAW) treatment of Non-Muslims was:

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) ordered us to deal fairly with all people whether Muslims or non-Muslims. This is mentioned in the Noble Qur’an, “Allah does command you to render back your Trusts to those to whom they are due; and when you judge between man and man, that you judge with justice”. (An-Nisaa’, 4:58)

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) also ordered the Muslims to take care of Ahl adh-Dhimma (the Jews and the Christians) who live among them. So, if any non-Muslim needs money, they should provide him, as the state is responsible for the poor; including Muslims and Ahl adh-Dhimma. How many of us give sadqah khairat or zakaat to these minorities?

So your point being? Stop being stupid ignoramuses and understand this. Islamophobia is because, most Muslims feel that they are above other religions, and therefore it is not their moral obligations to be nice to the followers of these religions. If you recall Prophet Muhammad (SAW) in his last sermon preached equality among all people regardless of race and creed, so WHY can’t we, follow his example. We are willing to kill people who oppose Islam or who are ignorant of our ways, when WE are ignorant of theirs as well. If a minority wins in Pakistan, a supposedly Islamic Republic, and then go celebrate like it was 14th of August. As Quaid-e-Azam himself had laid the foundations of a secular Pakistan (whatever you wanna make of it or his follies, noone is perfect, not even the merry old meself) we should also strive to be at par excellence and move Pakistan into a progressively prosperous nation. Inshallah, that day will come, when Pakistan is amongst those countries that have progressed from their dark days. But sadly, with the current situation, and in my lifetime, this is just an idealistic notion.

I get that Europe and Western nations have their own hypocritical notions, but we always blame each other because religion. Like I am so confused, what does religion have to do with any of this illogical nonsense. But if I am to critique other nations, I should also critique mine!

P.S. And if you say I am a hypocrite, to hell with what you think! My friends and people who know, know I ACTUALLY mean what I say you ‘liberal’ piece of Trump. *mic drop*