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A dentist-in-making who is a writer by passion.Her work revolves around struggles of women who are sacrificed to satiate the demands of the society.
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We live in an era of self-proclaimed righteous Muslims who do tend to loosely use the label ‘blasphemous,’ without realizing its implications, for those who do not fit in their self-defined boundaries of Islam. They say one should be careful addressing religious issues because you never know when a “mullah” might strike you (pun intended, YAS!). My comments are very much capable of offending the constitutional body, hence punishable under the Penal Code of Pakistan, but that is not going to stop me from penning down the contempt I have for the baseless bill issued by CII; precisely because this is the ONLY option I have as an ‘ordinary’ citizen.

Presenting you salient features of women protection bill proposed by the Council of Islamic Ideology:

1-The husband is allowed to ‘lightly’ beat wife:

Our men are very much capable of beating their wives and they do that with arrogant disdain; there was no need to legalize it. HUH!

OR this maybe ?


Lightly Beating 😀

  1. No dancing, singing and arts for women:

Really? I do not know the thought process that leads to this absurd clause, but as per my understanding this would tone down the ‘provocation’ that women are guilty of (totally and absolutely) but CII could have done with addressing public flashing of penises at women who are burqa clad and are neither singing nor dancing.

  1. Abortion = murder after 120 days of pregnancy:

What about the murders that take place on the streets in daylight? Shouldn’t that be discussed, or it is not important because men can get away with anything and everything?

  1. A female nurse cannot attend male patient:

Remind me of this clause when your men are dying and no male nurses are available.

  1. Women will not be included in reception of foreign dignitaries:

Foreign dignitaries are not as desperate as our men. Trust me on this.

6-Women officials will not be allowed to go with namehram officers on foreign tours:

Someone needs to explain this to me, please. My brain stopped working after reading this.

7-You can wear hijab. However, men and women cannot openly interact with each other:

The word interact means to communicate (I confirmed with the Cambridge English Dictionary). Okay, let’s implement this clause, but this is going to lower the educational standards because some subjects are solely taught by teachers of the opposite gender. I don’t think Pakistan can afford that; my two cents.

8-Women are not allowed to work in public service messages and advertisements:

Let’s wait for the outrage of our patriarchal society when the billboards would be strewn with men clad in floral prints (hehehe).

And oh, I totally forgot to mention one VERY important clause, “Women will be given all her rights and protected under the Sharia Law” (let’s take a second and talk about hypocrisy, please).

That’s all folks.




  1. lel perfect. The whole bill is idiotic. There are literally billions of problems in this country. Yet all the molvis are thinking about is women. “lightly strike” COME ON. WHAT THE FUCK? I don’t have words. I’d like to communicate with the CII using the language of punches

  2. These bills are just meant to satisfy the inner cowards of our patriarchal society. Seriously, when the world is on the verge of progression, they are stuck on the gender of nurses not on the condition of poor hospitals.

    • Why are you mixing two different things. Condition of hospitals is in no way related to gender of nurses. Molana Sherani gave many other clauses on that day to improve the society. But you may not know them because you are biased against all molanas and you havent even tried to know the whole thing. This may not be your fault because this is how our society is.

      What if I tell you that what molana said that was totally in accordance with teachings of Islam. Give this verse a read and tell me how would you defend yourself being a Muslim:

  3. Dear Muneera! When you have nothing to eat Islam allows you to eat haram to survive. Because the reason Islam has declared things Haram for us is that they have bad effects on health. When you have nothing to eat. Then you are allowed to eat haram things too. Because bad health is better than no health(Death). Islam has been given to us to make our lives easier, believe me. So when you have no male Nurses you can get treatment from female nurses too. The Answer is simple.

    Our generation is full of confused individuals. On one side we say we love Allah and that Islam is the religion of peace and on the other side we ridicule verses of quran. Maybe molana Sherani is right but we are not able to understand what he is saying because we have reached so far from the right path. Look here in this verse exactly the same thing is mentioned:

    Prophet’s (PBUH) life was totally based on Quran but he never beat his wife. Maybe, this thing is valid only for some circumstances. But instead of trying to read Quran and finding the answer we have started to ridicule molana. Islam Never allows us ridicule anybody. Molana may be or may not be wrong because this is written in the Quran. Molana maybe wrong on interpreting that. But one thing is sure. We are totally wrong. Islam never allows us to ridicule anybody.

    We have been claiming our love for Islam and Quran for so long. Whenever someone disrespects out Prophet we start posting things on facebook and start expressing our anger on media. I guess this is the time that we actually start reading Quran and understand what is written in it