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Under normal circumstances, I avoid such movies (pf-ft, who am I kidding; I willingly walk into several of the shit storms) Okay, so I found this movie on Meta-critic, and yeah, that’s where I look for movies, and it quickly caught my attention because of 3 reasons :

1) Natalia Tena.

2) The fact that it was a Spanish movie

3) The movie was made on how long distance relationships work, and the woes ofsuch relationships.

From the start, I knew this would be a terrifyingly sad movie because there are some things about long distance that you just can’t ignore, and even if they are not happening in your own relationship ignoring them is something that is impossible.

The entire movie has only Natalia Tena and David Verdaguer in the leading roles. To be very honest, this is probably as real as it gets. Performances by both leads were heartbreaking to say the least, and there were so many scenes where they just gave it all. I really loved this movie, and it hit all the right spots. Sadly, the ending wasn’t what I was expecting. Instead of going in with a clear conscience, the movie ended way too abruptly without any required explanations. I can’t really discuss the last scene here, but if anyone’s watched it, feel free to discuss.

Overall, 10,000 KM is a masterpiece for the ages, it is not a well known movie, much like The Lobster, but it’s dark, and it’s hopeful while being hopeless at the same time. A must watch from my side, and I clearly won’t watch it again… ever.